brentwood home 11 inch innerspring mattress

Brentwood Home 11″ Inner Spring Mattress Review

As an inner spring mattress, Brentwood Home is quite a popular choice since most users are already familiar with what it feels like. It’s one of the oldest type of mattresses that’s been around before newer and fancier alternatives like water, air and memory foam beds started surfacing. An inner spring mattress basically consists of a coil support system that’s almost always made of steel. A fancier version might have its springs imported from a European country but it’s still only steel that it’s made out of. Other differences exist in inner spring mattresses of a different kind, including the type of spring system being used.

brentwood home 11 inch innerspring mattress

[su_highlight]For instance, the queen-sized 11-inch version from Brentwood Home has 390 steel springs that are gauge tempered. Other inner spring mattresses might have varying numbers of springs of a different gauge and design. The general idea is that the more spring coils a mattress has, the more equally distributed the support will be, which means the mattress can better contour towards the body of the user.[/su_highlight]

With that said, if you’re looking for an inner spring mattress, Brentwood Home is easily the best in its class.

First, let’s talk about its price. With most top-quality mattresses averaging out at about $500 to $600 a piece, the Brentwood Home is much more affordable at a mere $300. If you’re currently using an inner spring mattress and you have no back or comfort problems, it’ll be an easy choice for you. It’s very soft to lay on, it’s comfortable and it doesn’t have problems with trapped heat. You could simply stick back to using an inner spring mattress like the Brentwood since it’s top of the line, at least within its category.

Should you buy an innerspring mattress like Brentwood?

It depends, really. If you’re looking for a new mattress because your current one isn’t offering you the back support you need and you’re having back problems and whatnot, this is absolutely NOT the mattress that you should go for. This is a type of mattress that your body will sink into, which makes it so comfortable for many people. Thus, this mattress will actually aggravate your back problems, if you have any.

Also, you might want to reconsider buying this mattress if you’re really heavy (above 100 kg’s) since it’ll sink beneath your weight like you’ve never seen before. As such, couples sleeping together should also stay away from it, unless you don’t mind the lack of support that becomes apparently the heavier its load. If you’re buying it for your kids though, it’ll be a great pick since its soft enough to be comfortable and it’ll be just fine for kids’ weight.