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Dynasty mattress Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with memory foam mattresses, which is what the DynastyMattress is, here’s a brief introduction of what they are like.

Brief Introduction Of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular nowadays thanks to its pressure-relieving support capabilities. Although they tend to be firmer, compared to say a latex or inner spring mattress, this firmness factor is necessary in order to provide the body support that they’re especially known for.

Unfortunately, because of the foam’s natural density, most of such mattresses will also come with heat problems. In fact, the biggest complaint of memory foam mattresses revolves around how “hot” they become during the night when the users are sleeping on it for a prolonged period. Due to this, some manufacturers have decided to infuse gel beads into the memory foam in order to promote the air circulation within it, and this has worked very well.

Cooling Properties

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The DynastyMattress is a gel memory foam mattress with superb cooling features. It is a 4-layer mattress with its top layer being gel-infused memory foam. A couple of other mattress companies have done this too. For instance, Brentwood Home and LUCID have its top mattress layers infused with these gel beads as well. DynastyMattress, however, has gone further with it by inserting another 2 layers of airflow foam below the top memory foam layer that’s designed to allow the heat to pass through them, in order to be dissipated along the sides as well. A simple illustration will help clear this up.

Because of this, the DynastyMattress remains the most cooling memory foam mattress that we’ve come across thus far in our search for excellent mattresses that cost below $1,500 (anything above that price range is just ridiculous. Plus we couldn’t tell the difference in quality, if any).

As far as cooling goes, the difference between a conventional memory foam mattress and one that has been optimized for cooling is tremendous. I’m a heat sensitive person myself and I used to wake up with my back drenched in sweat on some of the memory foam mattresses that I’ve tried in the past. With the DynastyMattress? Not a drop of sweat. Personally, this is what impressed me most about this particular mattress.


The only drawback that I can think of regarding this particular mattress is that it comes with an initial tinge of chemical smell commonly associated with memory foam mattresses. Don’t make the mistake of using it immediately after unpacking it because the smell might not be immediately noticeable. Leave the door and windows open while airing it if you can because this will speed it up. I’d suggest that you leave it aired for about 2 whole days with good ventilation (the manufacturer suggested 3), since that worked for me. I couldn’t notice any smell at all after doing this.

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If you’re having back problems like back or shoulder aches, I highly suggest giving memory foam mattresses like the DynastyMattress a try. It is likely that your current mattress doesn’t have the support that you need to keep a optimal posture while you’re sleeping, which is why you’re often waking up with these aches.

The additional cooling factor is just a bonus. If you’re not concerned about the heat, your choices are much wider, but if you are, make sure you go for a mattress that has a gel-infused top layer. No doubt, the DynastyMattress or other memory foam mattresses might feel firmer than usual, especially if you’re coming from an inner spring (like I did) or a latex mattress, but it’s well worth it once you get used to it.[/su_highlight]